Living interiors

As for the living interior design this is a joy for us to work on the internal space. We are fond of creating the comfort living space which makes its owner happy when he is there inside. The place he wants to call - my home. Customer’s personality and requirements are of high importance for us. «Show me your home and I will tell you who you are» is one of our principles. Another important criterion is an architectural approach towards the interior design. We create proper high quality interior, the cover which is itself a finalized objet. This is about the well-formed space which is essential for the interior design, but not the multiple ornamentations which will never stand the test of time. This is about how the functionality and zoning are organized, how the human needs and comfort are considered. The other important factor is engineering solutions, actual technologies applied to the project. Cleverly designed systems are a distinctive feature of our projects. The next step is an object design – furniture. All the space, walls, ceiling are the field for the interior items. We appreciate design furniture, any one interior could not pretend to style if there is no design furniture. We share this knowledge with our customers. Accessories and objects of art finalize the whole image. The big advantage of this interior is as well in the possibility to renovate the interior and style without having any constructive modifications. In this subject we rely upon minimalism as our base for the rational approach to the designing. Interior minimalism means «nothing extra». First of all this is about comfortable open space.Rational high quality interior should have the following features:• Spaciousness spacing is the most expensive thing worth buying.• Convenient space zoning, functionality.• Use of lightning schemes and high quality neutral light fixtures• Neutral surfaces.• Geometry. Simple forms and lines.• Simple natural finishing materials, raw, with rough texture: brickconcretewood or plaster.• Bright and clear accents in the form of decoration, interior items, furniture, accessories, design light fixtures.• High quality cleverly designed details.All the above mentioned creates tranquil interior oriented to the rest and relaxation of body and mind. Considering mordent mode of life this is paramount when talking about home.In contract with that the forming of such spaces as LOFT leads to the nonstandard approach towards the living space. The vast majority of realizations are in this area now. The thing is we are different from each other. Variety makes this world go round. And someone’s mode of life and energy are completely different than ours are, so they demand more vivid means of expression, spaces and materials. On top of that it should be remembered that high quality architecture weather it is a building or an interior increases real estate value and is a good investment.