Public interiors

Entirely different principles get into the game towards the public interior design. If we are talking about café, club or sport center, the space here is more susceptible to impression. The place where you want to go, enter into its ambience oriented to the rest and easy time, energy outbreak. Talking about the offices, the core is operational comfort and concentration.In this case the organizational skills of the design company are very important. The creation of public interior of a café or offices demands other data than the living interior does. These are the following principles: space architecture, intended purpose, function, trends and space development in international practice. This is another type of Customer, manner of negotiation, another site economics, construction and finishing materials market, normative base, another building contractors.What unites everything? – TheIdea. There is always an idea, something special. The idea can be in the space, in the material, function, geometry. To make sense of it all there is an architect. That is why if you address to us you have deal with specialists who love what they do and are great at what they do. You address to the professionals who have long experience and sense of style, matured over the years; who you can charge with your tasks. And we will tell you how your space can be organized in the best way.