Technical features and benefits

We use actual technologies in our work; they allow us to minimize the design period, to increase quality and efficiencies.BIM or Building Information Model is an intelligent model-based process that provides insight to help you plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure, their lifecycle. It means the collection and processing of all the architectural and construction, technological, economic and other information about the building with the totality of interconnections and dependencies.BIM vs. CAD:BIM models and objects of management  are not only graphic objects, these are visual 3D and analytic information which allow to create drawings and reports automatically, to perform project analyses, to model the work schedule, building exploitation; it provides the constructors team with all available data so that they could elaborate the best solution. To cooperate with designers and engineers we use   IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), open specification for data which facilitate the collaboration in building and construction industry. It is a universal language to interpret the 3D elements descriptions of building model, such as: roof, walls, columns, beams and others exchanged and shared among software applications used by various participants within the project process. In comparison with DXF which is drawing exchange format, the IFC files contain the complete specifications of architectural objects, such as: 3D geometry representation, materials and their interconnections with other objects. TeamWork is based on the ideology of Virtual Building. Designers’ team (architects and engineers) can easily distribute the scope of work on the project among its participants via local network or internet in the same file which is a great benefit if working on huge projects. We use the best in its class design and documentation elaboration system under BIM technology. We operate with 3D models of general utilities (ventilation, water supply and sewerage, cable ways) in BIM system. Using this technology we can prepare analyses and report on energy performance of buildings and facilities. Nowadays the ecology became an important guiding principle for many human activities including designing. We understand that and attach particular importance on the environment, our impact on it and our care of it.