Architecture is a very complex activity, incorporating creative work, technical requirements and philosophy. Nowadays, architecture is more than profession; it makes part of the social phenomena and processes of our life. To do it to the highest standard it is essential to display good organizational and leadership skills, business proficiency, use marketing technologies and have an active approach to social life.  Once upon a time we chose this activity and we are really proud of it, honestly this is our avocation. If you ask us ‘why’, the answer will be: it is about the possibility to create.  To create material goods for people. To make ourselves useful. The way to express our service to the society and to every single man.There is nothing more considerable which could surprise us in this life as constantly as architecture does. It seems nothing more could be invented…but every time architects and designers create something new. High quality architecture, high quality simplicity, space designed to the human condition, ergonomics, functionalism, constructivism, style, taste, experiments, emerging trends, timeless architecture, innovative solutions are the key terms we base us upon.Our aim is pure and modern design; we focus our attention on details and elements in which the quality resides. We have 2 approaches to the designing: rational and irrational. Intellectual and intuitive. Logical and emotional. Minimalism is in the bases of our rational and intellectual approach. The name of our bureau - WHITE STUDIO - symbolizes two stylistic devices: White — basic color of the style and studio — open plan. Minimalism is an architectural style characterized by laconism in means of expression, simplicity, clean and neat composition, geometric forms. Denying classic creative techniques, minimalism has deal with industrial and natural materials, neutral colors and clear spaces. The origins of minimalism belong to the constructivism and the functionalism. Nowadays minimalism is one of the most popular architectural styles. Practicing irrational and intuitive approach we rely on minimalism and art in its entire variety. Moderation and tranquility do not always rule. The space with the converted sense of reality, сильные фактуры rich textures, modified proportions and surfaces, color, rough materials, strong emotional impact make the other side of reality. Apart from style the materials are an important tool and we prefer to use: woodmetalbrickconcretestone, glass. These materials are always our top priority. On the other side we work with any new uncommon non-standard material