Mission & Values

Designing architecture and interiors, we establish value-based relationships with our clients. Trust, honesty, mutual respect, the ability to understand, listen and hear the client, to get business done, to fulfill obligations - all of these are as important as the sense of beauty, taste, and professionalism.
To get deep into the client's needs and to create an individual space that will be an extension and reflection of their lifestyle. That's what inspires us.
We focus on individual tailor-made solutions because we believe that architecture and design are high art, which serve the human being first and foremost, and which bring both benefit and aesthetic pleasure.
This is not just working with material things but the relationship, in which we strive to provide comfort and satisfaction.
Yet, all our work processes are formed into an effective system, both in the production of projects and in our relationships with partners, suppliers, and contractors.
We design architecture and interiors to suit the needs of people and to benefit every person who comes to us.
Alexander Lysov, a practicing architect and interior designer, founder of the architectural firm White Studio. His artistic involvement began back at school, in art class. After graduating with a degree in architecture and design in 2005, he worked in various design companies until 2011 as the Lead Architect of Projects in the design of touristic and hotel areas, spas, wellness centers, and sports facilities. Since that time, he has been purposefully advancing in the field of interior design and private architecture. His first projects had been in realization since 2001.
"I believe that architecture and interior design is primarily about the purpose, the talent we've been given, not a business."
White Studio architectural firm creates private and public interiors design residential and public buildings. From concept and sketch to author's supervision and furnishing.
Our quality is a combination of architectural competencies in space design and a developed sense of taste in interior design. We focus on both contemporary stylistics and traditionalism.
About the studio
The vision of architecture and interior design
Architecture and interior design are quite complex activities, which blend creativity, technical knowledge, even philosophy, and psychology. And they never stop developing. Today, to be involved in them qualitatively, it is essential to demonstrate serious organizational, business, leadership qualities, to understand marketing technologies, psychology, and advanced technologies. Now, architecture has become more than a craft in the modern world. It has become a part of the social processes of our life.
High-quality architecture, qualitative simplicity, space intended for the human being, ergonomics, functionalism, constructivism, style, taste, experiment, new trends, timeless architecture, extraordinary solutions, traditionalism, authenticity - the whole range of concepts that we have to operate within the work, applying the right approach to each specific case.
We believe that the most important quality in interior design is the sense of beauty.
Depending on the task, we apply 2 approaches in design: rational and irrational. Intelligent and intuitive. Logical and sensual.
We rely on minimalism as the basis for rationality and intelligence.
In the name of the company WHITE STUDIO, two typical style techniques are symbolically incorporated: while the White is the main color of the style, the studio refers to a frameless layout.
Взгляд на архитектуру бюро White Studio
Дизайн интерьеров бюро White Studio
Minimalism is a style characterized by laconic means of expression, simplicity, precision, clarity of composition and geometric forms. Industrial and natural materials, neutral colors and clear volumes are used. The roots of minimalism lie in constructivism and functionalism. Today, the style of minimalism remains one of the most popular trends in architecture and interior design. It offers a calm interior designed to rest the mind and relax the body. We believe this is the most important criterion for a home in a modern way of life.
Общественные интерьеры бюро White Studio
While practicing an irrational and intuitive approach, we focus on maximalism and art in its various expressions.
Moderation and calmness are not always essential. A space with altered proportions and surfaces, with strong textures, active colors, rough materials, strong emotional impact are on the other side of reality. The formation of such spaces as LOFT has led to an unconventional approach towards dwelling. The great extent of realization is now laid in this plane. This is because we all are different. And someone's way of life and energy are completely different and require more vivid and expressive features, spaces, and materials.
Besides styling, the use of real materials that we love, such as wood, metal, brick, concrete, stone, glass, is an essential part of our work. On the other hand, any new extraordinary and unconventional material may be used.
There should always be an idea, something special.
However, all these activities in the field of architecture and interior design are the talent and purpose that we have been endowed with, to benefit, share, be the guides of these knowledge and beauty in our world.
Technical advantages
We use BIM (Building Information Model) technology in our work. Bim technology allows us to minimize and even eliminate errors, failures of components and collisions, that occur during interaction with engineering functions.
Технические возможности архитектурное бюро White Studio
Designing is performed by means of the creation of a volumetric and parametric object model, virtual permanent building or interior with consideration of structural, engineering, and finishing elements. 2D layouts are directly connected with the 3D model. Specifications and materials are automatically determined by pre-configured formulas and schemes. All data is in one file, with which the client is able to interact even on their smartphone or tablet without the need to install specialized software
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