Commercial interiors

Concept & Design of the Project
2000 rub/ sq m.*
Supervision by the Author
100 000 rub/month**
*- the price depends on the size of the room and the complexity of the object. The exact amount is set after drawing up the Customer's assignment and confirmation of the reference.
** - specified after the creation of the project.
Developing Concept & Design of the Project
from 1 to 2 months
10% of its cost
Public interior design has its principles. If it is a cafe, club, or sports center, then space is more susceptible to the effect of an impression. It is a place where you want to come, imbued with an atmosphere aimed at relaxation and entertainment, the release of energy. If it's an office, then the focus is on work and concentration.

The serious organizational moment of the design organization is very important at this point. For work on a public interior design order, whether it be a cafe or office, absolutely other sets of the operational data, in contrast to work with private interiors or houses, are required. These are principles of construction of space, purpose, function, tendencies, and evolution of space in global practice, a different category of the client, the way of negotiating, another economy of the object, other markets of building and finishing materials, other standard bases, other building contractors.
Scheme of work
1. Creating terms of reference
•A visit to the site, acquaintance with its structure.
•Analysis of the Client's organizational structure, collection of initial data.
•Study of Client's existing corporate standards on office space organization.
•Determination of the number and main levels of staff.
•Conducting the 1st stage of an interview with departments of the Client.
•Providing the Client with an example of the task and survey forms to be completed.
•Completing survey forms by the Client.
•Receiving information from the Client, consolidation, clarifying questions.
•Collecting information about office equipment.
•Definition of style, selection, and approval of reference.
•Corporate identity analysis, if there is one.
•Task formation.
•Collecting specifications of engineering systems.
•Estimating the budget of the project.
•Determination of implementation period.
•The signing of the contract.
2. Technical Design Development
Includes 3 stages:
•Creating a Bim model of the object.
•Layouts with arrangement of furniture and equipment.
•Functional and planning solutions for the object.
•Collages, moodboards, graphic visualization of the design solution.
•Selection of materials with the cost of items.
Photorealistic computer images of your future space.
3. Procurement
Includes drawings, schemes, graphic images, technical specifications for individual items, specifications, and bills of materials, on which budgeting, civil work, schedules, and the order of materials are carried out.
Technical Design
4. Supervision by the Author
ST Lysov Alexander Anatolyevich
All rights reserved.