Public architecture

The complex of services we offer:
Participation in business plan formation and conceptualization
Creation of a proposal, creative part, visual aesthetic image of the Customer's investment project. Finalization of the idea, functions and commercial attractiveness of the project.
Architectural concept/Schematic Design
It is the first stage of the project that solves a complex of tasks related to aesthetics, the appearance of the object, efficient planning solution, its function, constructive and engineering scheme, economic indicators.
•Site layout plan / Master Plan
•Functional solutions for the object, graphic visualization of the design solution
•Layout with explications of premises
•Structural design of the house
•Concept of engineering systems
•Materials to be used
•Technical-economic characteristics
•Data on the volume of construction and installation works
•Number of required parking spaces and other parameters
Bim model of the object (1st level)
At this stage, the Architectural firm WHITE STUDIO starts working with the application of Bim design technology. The architectural concept is the basis for the development of documentation of the project at the "Project" stage
Submittals at the "Project" stage/Design Development
The function of the general designer (general contractor)
Coordination of submittals development between executors of adjacent sections according to DPRF № 87 from 16.02.2008. Approval of construction submittals in examination bodies.
Preliminary analysis
Analysis of the site and its environment. Determination of feasibility and technical characteristics, functional purpose, economic efficiency; use of the obtained results for GPP processing.
The second stage of the design, the purpose of which is to protect the design solutions, to obtain a positive state expert examination conclusion and a construction permit. It is developed to the extent and following the requirements of Russian GD № 87. Modern capabilities of the state expertise allow it to be passed by submitting a Bim project model, in which our architectural company performs this stage.
This stage of design includes data in the form of text, drawings, schemes, graphic images, specifications, and bills of materials, on which budgeting, civil work, schedules, and the order of materials are carried out. It is executed on the prepared bim object model and the basis of the approved concept from the previous stage P. The use of bim technology allows working faster, with greater accuracy, and more automated than the previous generation of design planning.
Technical Design/Construction Documents
A service of control by the author of the project over compliance with the project during the construction process, consultation and guidance of builders, adjustment of drawings in accordance with changes. Design and engineering solutions are also supervised. Specialist visits are regularly scheduled throughout the construction and installation work with the maintenance of the author's supervision journal. Modern data exchange technologies allow using Bim model of the object at this stage with higher efficiency.
Supervision by the author
Architectural company WHITE STUDIO provides a full range of design works, from pre-project analysis and architectural concepts to supervision and procurement. Depending on the objectives, we solve them on our own or with the involvement of partner organizations: engineering bureaus, consulting agencies, creative studios, independent industry consultants, construction companies, technical customer services.
Our clients are KR properties, Tina Kandelaki's office, OJSC Russtroybank, IBISA Night Club, Mitsubishi MOTORS dealer center, Gornaya Karusel Ski Resort, Arkhyz-Sinara OJSC, Sochi Plaza LLC, Association of Winter Olympic Sports, Volgograd City Administration.
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