Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to make an interior without project design?
Yes, but the construction process will include failures and will involve extra costs, rather than a harmonious interior that is tasteful and responsive to all your needs.
Is it possible to make an interior without procurement option?
Only if you have a lot of free time and are ready to spend it on this process, and you have nerves of steel. Additionally, when building works are made, the idea may very easily be ruined, which may lead to an unharmonious interior. One wrongly chosen sofa can ruin the whole interior. You may ask: "how come?". Easily. First of all, no one, except the author-designer, does keep in mind all the components of the interior, and no one organizes this process better. And secondly, you will always be offered alternative solutions, the temptation to agree to which is very great.
Is it possible to make an interior without the author's supervision?
Yes, it is. Once again, in case if you have a lot of free time to devote yourself to the construction process and you are ready to follow the created design firmly. Believe us, when builders suggest you do something easier or assure you that it doesn't happen, there's a high probability that you will agree to their arguments. However, the individual project does not reflect everything 100%. Why:

  • Peculiarities always emerge in the process, and they have to be solved on-site. The project reflects only those solutions that are understandable and known in advance.

  • An element of novelty, invention, an experiment are the essential parts of the design. Otherwise, it will be a clone, similar-to-other interior.

  • There are always new technologies and only a human being can decide how to implement them into the project.

  • Since most projects include modern engineering and third party contractors for ventilation, air conditioning, smart home, heating, home theater, swimming pools, automation, etc, only an expert, chief designer of the project, is capable of interconnecting all these aspects. This often happens after the project design is completed.

  • Ordering carpentry, built-in furniture, kitchen, glazing, stairs is a separate process that requires linking such elements to the main project, and it is impossible until there is no contract.

So, are you ready to spend your time on these experiments? In a word, all these implementation processes are called delegation to those for whom this is a key competence - our architectural studio.
Why can the project cost be different?
  • First of all, objects can vary in styles. For example, if it is a classic, the interior is saturated with decorative elements, which means that more drawings, sheets, materials are required.

  • An apartment might be without engineering projects, without ventilation, and automation, or it might be with a system of channel air conditioning, ventilation, with increased sound insulation, with a smart house system, etc. This requires more attention to the design and drawings, as well as the incorporation of third-party engineering projects with architectural solutions.

  • The interior can be designed not only for the apartment but also for the house where the stairs are an important element; there can be a pool, sauna, terrace, attic. Alternatively, there might be technical rooms that are not included in the development. We avoid putting a single price tag and take a reasonable approach in pricing. And only the necessary work required for the construction of the object will be done.
Is it possible to start the construction process sooner?
  • If you need the construction process to start sooner, then we do it only after coordinating the layout and approving some data, such as plumbing schemes, electricians, door selection.

  • There is an option for problematic cases when you are trying to 'save' someone's construction made following someone else's a bad project, you must make a design in-fact, ie, work only with finishing materials and furniture. Or after adjusting the layout, having made one step back.
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